Today, since I still don't feel 100% I decided to garden and try to take some cool photos around the house. I cut back the ivy and pulled out some random grass that was growing weirdly. I absolutely LOVE the front of my house with all the pretty pink flowers growing around it. So beautiful. I just wish that the rest of the yard looked as nice. And that's why I can't wait to get well and buy some new flowers to plant all along the side of the house. I'm thinking foxgloves. They would look so perfect there next to all of the roses and the really huge rosemary bush! 


feel better

(image via tumblr)

Sorry that I haven't really been posting lately. And sorry that this isn't really a post. I've been sick the past week and all I've really felt like doing is watching movies. Anyways, I realized that other then not posting anything at all I also haven't really been posting pictures of what I have been wearing. I've been felling a lot better today so expect some outfit posts in the really near future! 


the coven launch party!

On Saturday the design label that I write about all the time - The Coven - had their official launch party at Space15Twenty! And I'm happy to say that the place was PACKED. With a wonderful collection for sale and DJ sets by HEALTH and Om'Mas Keith the launch did not disappoint. Keep an eye on them. I can already tell you that they are gonna go far! 


lanvin for h&m

Loving this video for H&M. Can't wait until Lanvin for H&M comes to stores on Nov. 20th! Oh, and I NEED that "fur" jacket!


laco$te music video premiere!


Yesterday the Laco$te premiered their video for "Numbers" at Pehrspace. And I have to say that the video was amazing! I was with the beautiful singer of the band, Xenia Shin when she and stylists Margot Padilla and Angie Olsen of Pretty Cool Land where picking out the perfect K-Pop outfits for the video. I didn't go to the filming so I was really awe-struck when the video was projected onto the huge screen that was in the middle of the concert space. It was the most fun I have had watching a music video in a long time - and that's saying alot!

ps- you can read and interview with Xenia Shin that she did for LA Weekly right here. 



(images via styleite.com)

Sarah Burton's first solo collection for Alexander McQueen is beautiful! You can totally see him in these clothes and you can tell how close they must of had worked together. To be completely honest, I was kind of nervous to see how this collection was going to turn out. But I now I realize that I was worrying over nothing. This is one of the best collections I have seen this season!



Just got my Vogue Russia today among some other things brought back for me from overseas. Today is a good day...


dead roses

(Wilson's Leather suede shearling jacket, The Coven earring, Cotton On shirt, Forever 21 leather shorts)

Like the cape that I was wearing two posts back, this beautiful suede shearling jacket that I am wearing is on sale as well! Renee from The Coven is selling it on her vintage ebay store. You can buy it here. But you need to act fast! The auction ends in a little over two days!



I have been watching Nirvana videos all day. They have been making me wish that I was a teenager in the 1990's. 
I would of LOVED to see them play live!


lone ranger

(Forever 21 wool hat, Cotton On shirt, vintage button up cape, vintage leather skirt)

Ahhhhh I feel so western in this outfit. It probably had something to do with the lovely skirt that I was wearing. My good friend Renee from one of the best new stores that I know of - The Coven - styled me in this outfit for her vintage ebay store. She already sold that amazing leather skirt (grrr I'm actually really regretting not buying it for myself) but she is now currently selling the super cozy cape that I am wearing in the photos. You can buy it here. But if you want it you must get it soon! The auction ends in 4 days!!! 


november kick-off at pehr!!!

- Essay

- Blok

- Ryan G Hinds

- Shams

- Diamond Catalog

Last night I went to what may be one of the best Pehrspace shows ever! Sean Carnage really out done himself this time with Peter's Pool Boys to create such an amazing line-up that consisted of Blok, Shams, Essay, Ryan G Hinds, and Diamond Catalog. And even with an awesome line-up one group and one solo act shined the brightest - Blok and Ryan G Hinds. Ah! They where just great! I'm still speechless when I think about their sets. They where just so high energy and they never seemed to wanna quit! I haven't seen groups that hyped in a LONG time!