ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!

Today is the one year anniversary of this blog!!! To celebrate I want to change some things around to make my life easier and your life filled with more posts! . In celebration of the one year anniversary I made a tumblr. I will be updating it EVERYDAY with photos of things that are inspiring me at the moment. It will give you a better understanding of the thought process behind Limited Addiction.  This blog that we all know and love is just going to be used for reviews - stuff that I can write more then a couple of sentences on - like for concerts, places, beauty products, etc. 

So please follow Limited Addiction's sister "blog" at Lavender-Lemonade.tumblr.com


post physical

So the new Pictureplane music video is up! This is the one that was shot at Six Flags that I told you about not too long ago. I'm in love with how it turned out. I think that this might just be my favorite video of the year. 



Congrats Kate and Jamie! 

(photos via thefashionspot and fashionista)


my first concert

My first concert was Weird Al. I was 7 and it was at the Greek Theater. I remember him coming on stage in a huge fat suit for "Fat" and I kind of remember him wearing a cone bra but I'm not sure what song he did that during. I wish I can go back in time to that exact concert to see a 7 year-old me dance and sing along to all of Weird Al's hits and to see how excited I was to actually be at a concert.

What was your first concert??? 


chloe sevigny for opening ceremony


I just love how the fashion show was in a high school gym and it was so incredibly hot that everyone had to use their programs as a fan.

*edit: i had to change the original video to the one that is shown now because the other video got taken down :(


carly waito

For a long time I have been obsessed with these paintings by Carly Waito. And yes, I can't stress this enough, THESE ARE PAINTINGS, they are not photographs. I think that these are amazing works of art and I've been wanting to own one for awhile now. After searching for what seems like forever I finically found an original! But it's $1,000. Sadly that is wayyyyyy too much money for little old me to be dropping on ANYTHING. Hopefully I will come across a print soon (I know that would be cheaper). If anyone knows were I can get a print of one of these paintings that doesn't involve me going to Narwal Art Projects in Canada where she is represented (even though I would LOVE to go there), please let me know!



three things i need...

Here are three things that I need from Bonadrag. I absolutely love this store. I check almost everyday to see if they have gotten new things and I just stare at my computer screen and dream...



I wouldn't mind being pushed around by some evil stepsisters and work in the cinders for a few days in order to get ahold of these shoes in the end! 


busy busy busy

These past few days have been crazy. First, Wednesday was the last day of finals for me (yay!) and then my friend Pictureplane came into town. Thursday my friends and I woke up early and went to Six Flags to film Pictureplane's new music video (it looks like it's gonna turn out really good by the way). We all stayed until the park closed. When we got back into town we went to an amazing dinner, went home and then went to The Echo to see Woodsman. They were soooooo good! I got really into their set and my boyfriend was looking at me weird for a moment! hahahaha Anyways, after the show Pictureplane, my boyfriend and I went to Kill Radio and met up with Tearist. The show was crazy but so fun! I've never been on the radio before and I would love to do it again - but next time I hope that I will have something to say other than basically nothing. The next day my boyfriend and I dropped off P-plane at LAX so he could play a show in San Fran. We then drove from the airport to the beach (that's where I took the photo above). So I had a very busy past couple of days. Too bad I forgot my camera. I was so tired though. In fact i'm still really tired - and sore. I have HUGE bruises all up and down my legs from Six Flags. But they are totally worth it. When the video comes out I am going to post it on here fo sho!


the cosby sweater project

This is one of the best sites that I've seen in a long time. So sad that I didn't think of it. 



obsessed: Essie - Nice is Nice

I am in LOVE with this color! I bought it two days ago and the second I got home that day I had to put it on. It looks great with my pale skin tone but I also feel like it would look equally as great on any skin tone. It is the prefect color for spring and it will brighten up your day for sure!

coachella - day three

Ugh, I know that Coachella was forever ago but I never posted day three! Before I went to the actual event I went to The Ace to swim and I realized while looking at this picture that I am paler then I thought! I like it though, but it did take me by surprise! Everyone around me is sooooo tan!

HEALTH was awesome! They played a new song that the crowd seemed to enjoy. I haven't gone down to the front of the stage see them play in years and it was really nice to watch them without getting smushed by their fans dancing and moshing all over the place. 

Duran Duran was really really really great. They played all of their hits and I couldn't stop dancing!

I have never seen Lightning Bolt before but I gotta say that I am now a fan. I almost fell flat on my back backstage while watching them - the floor was very slippery!

When I was back in the artist's area I got to meet some of Kanye West's ballerinas! They were all getting ready to go on and they were so super nice and sweet!

The palm trees in the artist's area looked super pretty at night!

Kanye was super super super amazing! I never realized how many of his songs that I knew until I started singing along to all of them hahahaha. I am kinda disappointed that no one came on to sing with him and that there was no big finish at the end but I am really happy that I got to see him perform because if he never played at Coachella then I probably would have never seen him perform at all. 




coachella - day two

Day two of Coachella was really great - even though I didn't end up actually getting there until 4ish. I woke up really late, went swimming at the palm springs house, had a back yard bbq and got to the festival just in time to see all of the bands that I wanted to see. 

I was soooo excited to see Lil' B! I only got to catch 2 songs but he was awesome. Can you believe that he is my age?

I was backstage for about half of Animal Collective's set. It was really cool watching them from that angle and seeing the HUGE crowd in front of them. They didn't play any hits though, all of the songs were new songs. Well, they did play three hits but they arranged them differently and they sounded completely different - and not in a good way. Oh! and Danny Devito was standing next to me. I never would of thought that he was an Animal Collective fan....

Day three of Coachella coming soon!!!


coachella - day one

(H&M tank, American Apparel tap shorts, Forever 21 necklace and sunglasses) 

I went to Coachella over the weekend for the first time ever. It was so much fun! My boyfriend's band played so I got an artist's pass and got to backstage for any band that I wanted to! But some were so crazy crowded that I didn't even bother to even try. Here are some of the pictures that I were able to take on the first day: 

Odd Future was great! I have never seen them before but now I would love to see them again. In the middle of their set they all started stage diving - feet first. Saw some kid get carried away with a bloody nose and with a mouth full of blood. If you ever see them live, keep that in mind. 

I only watched Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti for a few songs - I was super hungry! With that said, get the chips and guac if you go next year, it is soooo good! 

Interpol had the 14 year old me screaming! I got pretty close considering that the crowd was HUGE!

Cut Copy was amazing amazing amazing! I have never seen that many people dancing like crazy before! Can't wait to go see them again! If you have never seen them live then I HIGHLY recommend that you do. 

Not that great of a photo of Crystal Castles but I was so tired and I just wanted to sit down that I only took a couple of pics. They were great by the way. So stoked that they got to play a big stage but super bummed that Alice's ankle is still busted. 

So that's all of the photos for day one. Photos of day two coming soon!!!