coachella - day two

Day two of Coachella was really great - even though I didn't end up actually getting there until 4ish. I woke up really late, went swimming at the palm springs house, had a back yard bbq and got to the festival just in time to see all of the bands that I wanted to see. 

I was soooo excited to see Lil' B! I only got to catch 2 songs but he was awesome. Can you believe that he is my age?

I was backstage for about half of Animal Collective's set. It was really cool watching them from that angle and seeing the HUGE crowd in front of them. They didn't play any hits though, all of the songs were new songs. Well, they did play three hits but they arranged them differently and they sounded completely different - and not in a good way. Oh! and Danny Devito was standing next to me. I never would of thought that he was an Animal Collective fan....

Day three of Coachella coming soon!!!


coachella - day one

(H&M tank, American Apparel tap shorts, Forever 21 necklace and sunglasses) 

I went to Coachella over the weekend for the first time ever. It was so much fun! My boyfriend's band played so I got an artist's pass and got to backstage for any band that I wanted to! But some were so crazy crowded that I didn't even bother to even try. Here are some of the pictures that I were able to take on the first day: 

Odd Future was great! I have never seen them before but now I would love to see them again. In the middle of their set they all started stage diving - feet first. Saw some kid get carried away with a bloody nose and with a mouth full of blood. If you ever see them live, keep that in mind. 

I only watched Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti for a few songs - I was super hungry! With that said, get the chips and guac if you go next year, it is soooo good! 

Interpol had the 14 year old me screaming! I got pretty close considering that the crowd was HUGE!

Cut Copy was amazing amazing amazing! I have never seen that many people dancing like crazy before! Can't wait to go see them again! If you have never seen them live then I HIGHLY recommend that you do. 

Not that great of a photo of Crystal Castles but I was so tired and I just wanted to sit down that I only took a couple of pics. They were great by the way. So stoked that they got to play a big stage but super bummed that Alice's ankle is still busted. 

So that's all of the photos for day one. Photos of day two coming soon!!!