HEALTH and Yeasayer (night 1)

 As many of you do not know - I'm in Chicago today! Unfortunately for me it is not snowing. That makes me really bummed because I was convinced that I would see my first snow shower (?) ever. Oh well, maybe it will snow tomorrow….Anyways, I saw Yeasayer and HEALTH play at the Metro tonight. The venue is SUPER pretty but it was kinda confusing to navigate (the only girls bathroom is all the way up on the 3rd floor!). So yeah, anyways, HEALTH was amazing as always and Yeasayer  was great as well - I've never seen them live so that was a pleasant treat. I'm seeing them play again for New Years so if everyone plays only half as good as they did tonight then I will be overly satisfied!


still not aftaid

A few weeks ago HEALTH filmed their new promo for their Australia tour and I was in it! I had so much fun running around town and filming it with them. The best part of it all i think was just making up the silly one-liners to say for the quick cuts! HEALTH is still not afraid. 


rain rain go away

Emmauelle Alt and Geraldine Saglio at least year's Paris Fashion Week


cold as ice



Sorry that I haven't been posting for awhile. I'm a busy girl (woman?) and studying for finals has consumed my life much like being sick did last week. December is always problematic for me.  


pretty in pink

I don't think that anybody knows this BUT….pink is my favorite color. But I can never find anything cute in my favorite shade.  All of the shades are either too neon or too dark. I was beginning to think that I was never going to find my favorite shade of pink in anything other then custom wall paint.  And that is why I was so excited to find theses Jeffery Campbells! 
They are the perfect shade of bubblegum that I have been looking for! I want every pair! Don't you?!?!?!