ck one

I love this new ad campaign. It reminds me of commercials in like 1999 or 2000, when everything was "new" and inspired by The Matrix and technology. I think it's really awesome that Calvin Klein is re-inventing itself to appeal more to a younger more fashion-forward crowd with all of the beautiful models that I am so obsessed with.

And Abbey, oh Abbey, my favorite model of all time…..I can never seem to find something that you are in that I don't like…..


daylight savings time

(Cotton On sunglasses, American Rag flannel top, Forever 21 tank, Silver jeans, Rocket Dog flats)

Since yesterday was daylight savings my boyfriend and I decided to go on a walk around the lake by our house. In April the lake is going to be shut down for 2 years for refurbishment. They are gonna drain it, clean the bottom, take out some of the little "islands" (i'm really mad about that because a lot of the really nice ducks sleep on the "island" thingys), re-do the lotus beds, and plant/take out some trees. I'm really excited to see what the end result will look like, but I am really sad that its going to take 2 years! I'm going to miss taking lazy walks around it during the day and feeding the ducks old tortillas from the back of my fridge. I wonder what's going to happen to them when construction starts? And I also wonder if they will be back once it stops? I hope so. If only some come back I hope they are the nice ducks from the secluded "island" part of the lake, not the mean geese on the over populated side….



Ok, so normally I wouldn't post a video of some little 12 year old girl singing. But I actually really like this song/girl! 
I have a HUGE feeling that she is going to go far (even though her voice is autotuned - but whose isn't these days?). 


beta fish

My boyfriend got me a fish today! Right now I have it in a vase but I'm going to be getting it plants and rocks and maybe even a new tank thing if i have the extra money for it. I always get sad when I see those beta fish dying in those little cups at the pet store so it makes me happy to now see one swimming so freely in a huge flower vase. Even my cat is happy to see a fish in the house! all she does is look at it. She hasn't tried to do anything sneaky with it yet! I hope it stays that way! 


all i've ever wanted....

(image via adirtyblonde)

I wish that I had some extra money laying around so I could fill my whole house with flowers…


crystal castles

Last night I went to Pomona to see Crystal Castles at the Fox Theater. I've never been to Pomona before so that was awesome (I was in downtown Pomona so there where lots of old buildings and stuff - pretty cool). So, anyways, I took a bunch of photos from the backstage balcony and from the stage. Alice's foot is still broken (she broke it in October and she still keeps on jumping into that sea of people!) After the show we all hung out and it was a pain getting back home - we had to take this huge detour and we where lost for an hour I think. Anyways, I had a ton of fun last night and I was really nice that I got to go see my friends!