Picnic at Hanging Rock

stills from "Picnic at Hanging Rock" 1975

Is it just me or are the dresses in Picnic at Hanging Rock to DIE for!? I've been obsessing for awhile now about victorian era clothes. After all, my favorite American Girl doll was (and still is) Samantha! Anyways, I am on a new mission to find a dress worn by the girls on their picnic outing to the rock. When I find one I will let all of you know. By the way, the movie is AMAZING. Not just for the fashion, but also for the set design, the cinematography and the eerie soundtrack. One of my favorite bands - Mater Suspiria Vision - made a remix/videotribute to the movie:

Now - if that video won't get you to see it then i don't know what will!

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