HEALTH and Yeasayer (night 2)


So, I finally just got home from a long and stupid day of traveling. But lastnight was soooo much fun! I have to say, hands down that it was my favorite New Years by far. The party at the Metro in Chicago lastnight went until 4am! Oh! And Yeasayer and HEALTH did some 90's covers (which is what the top photo is of) and everyone was jamming out so hard! Hahahahaha A video of the song is gonna be posted on youtube soon (hopefully) and I will post it when it does. I feel so lucky that I got to have the experience of going to both Yeasayer and HEALTH shows, the guys from Yeasayer are sooooo nice and I hope to maybe one day run into them again. What a great way to bring in 2011. I wonder what's in store for me this year....

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