coachella - day one

(H&M tank, American Apparel tap shorts, Forever 21 necklace and sunglasses) 

I went to Coachella over the weekend for the first time ever. It was so much fun! My boyfriend's band played so I got an artist's pass and got to backstage for any band that I wanted to! But some were so crazy crowded that I didn't even bother to even try. Here are some of the pictures that I were able to take on the first day: 

Odd Future was great! I have never seen them before but now I would love to see them again. In the middle of their set they all started stage diving - feet first. Saw some kid get carried away with a bloody nose and with a mouth full of blood. If you ever see them live, keep that in mind. 

I only watched Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti for a few songs - I was super hungry! With that said, get the chips and guac if you go next year, it is soooo good! 

Interpol had the 14 year old me screaming! I got pretty close considering that the crowd was HUGE!

Cut Copy was amazing amazing amazing! I have never seen that many people dancing like crazy before! Can't wait to go see them again! If you have never seen them live then I HIGHLY recommend that you do. 

Not that great of a photo of Crystal Castles but I was so tired and I just wanted to sit down that I only took a couple of pics. They were great by the way. So stoked that they got to play a big stage but super bummed that Alice's ankle is still busted. 

So that's all of the photos for day one. Photos of day two coming soon!!!

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